‘Loadmaster’ is a Windows based software developed by Software Smiths Infotech (India) Pvt. Ltd. for better management of Computerised Electronic weighbridge. We have been into development of Weighbridge software since 1989. Our DOS based weighbridge software is yet a widely used software in the industry. It is popularly known as ‘WT’. We have an experience of over 400 installations of varied specifications across the country.

‘Loadmaster’ has been designed and developed in a parameterised manner to take care of all standard needs of a Weighbridge. This software takes care of almost every aspect of importance to Weighbridge data management. Installation of ‘Loadmaster’ is very simple & quick. It can be customized to fit your needs with ease to a certain extent. ‘Loadmaster’ is a windows based software. Printing can optionally be setup for Windows printing or Dos printing for faster prints.

‘Loadmaster’ automates the complete working of the weigh bridge. It connects to the the digital indicator and directly transfers data to the computer, without leaving any scope for alteration of weighment data. It accumulates all necessary details into the computer and derives various format of reports that would be needed by the organization. Immediately after weighment is done you would get a weighment slip, which will carry all details of weighment as specified by you.

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